Fox – If Election today, Florida Decides it, NYT – Trump Tax Release – Analysis

The LA Times Daily tracking poll has shown Trump ahead, but other polls are showing Clinton with a modest lead.

Scientific public polling demonstrates that the clear majority of Democrats and progressive voters favor Hillary Clinton for president. Similarly, the vast majority of Republicans, self-identified conservatives and evangelicals favor Donald Trump.

According to a Fox News poll released on Friday evening, if the election were held that day, either major-party candidate is in a position to win the Electoral College.  The contest would come down to Florida, which at the time leaned mildly towards Clinton, per the latest Fox news poll.

The Clinton campaign is reportedly concerned that Gary Johnson is polling higher than prior Libertarian candidates.  Johnson is drawing some prospective Clinton supporters away.  So the Clinton campaign states they will target Johnson with negative ads in key markets.

Post-debate Fox Friday evening poll.

The pro-Clinton New York Times has dropped their October Surprise on the GOP nominee. The revelation from an illegally obtained Trump tax return claims the GOP nominee used a legal write-down to avoid paying income taxes for up to 18 years.

The NY Times broke the scandal that launched the FBI investigation into Hillary’s EmailGate.  However, the openly pro-Clinton paper has shied away from diving aggressively into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s speeches to Goldman Sachs and other low-hanging Clinton campaign fruit as they have Trump and his – legal – tax strategy.

Image credit, Newsmax.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks had stated they will delay their own leaked revelations against Hillary Clinton, allegedly over safety concerns. Will they release their documents later? That now seems unclear.

Weekend headlines from across the political spectrum are below.  “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Trump Campaign: Newspaper Illegally Obtained Tax Records…

Baquet said would risk jail… 

Politico Christie, Giuliani on tax bombshell: Trump is a “genius”

The story that started it all…


Mexican billionaire owns 17% of Old Gray Lady (NYTimes)… 

Bloomberg Nigel Farage urges Trump to avoid catfight with Clinton

Photo credit, NewsMax.

REPORT: 1,000+ Illegal Voters in Virginia… 


CNN George W. Bush’s daughter attends Clinton fundraiser in Paris

Onlooker repeatedly yells ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ live on FOXNEWS…


The judgment fund bailout of Obamacare could happen in October

WILLEY: Hillary was complicit in his sexual misconduct…

ObamaCare rates in MN skyrocket 60% to stave off “collapse”

WASHPOST covers up smear of Bill’s victims…

WIKILEAKS Cancels Tuesday Announcement Due to Security Concerns…

Farage Tells Trump: Avoid Catfight!


The NY Times’ transparent (and hypocritical) October surprise of Trump’s tax returns

‘Black Lives Matter’ Vandalizes Trump International in DC…

Chick-fil-A to offer super-sized voter registration deals in Florida

NewsMax – Trump, Team Fire Back at NY Times Tax Bombshell

This law saved two million babies from abortion. Democrats want it gone.

Homeland Security Push For Election Control… 

Sad but true the kind of ad hominem attacks that have been used, instead of debating the policy, its gutter attacks. Credit GrrrrphicsBlog.

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