Fort Collins Losing MH Homesites to Redevelopment

Coloradoan reports that over the last 12 years in Fort Collins, Colorado, more than 340 families have been displaced from their MHCs by landowners seeking more lucrative commercial development. Now, another community is joining the ranks. The 32 families of Bender Mobile Home Park have been told by developer Gino Campana they have six months to move in order to make way for homes valued up to $450,000 on the 17-acre site that borders the Poudre River trail. Some area LLCs will not accept pre-HUD Code homes because of safety issues. David Grubb, manager at Collins Aire Park, says he has room in his 328 homesite community, but the older homes are not up to code. “They could have aluminum wiring, which they used back in the ’60s, then they realized it wasn’t a good idea because it’s a fire hazard,” he said. Aesthetics is the basis for entry into the Harmony Road Community LLC, according to manager Jessica Melvin. “I’ve seen some (manufactured homes) that were built in the ’90s that don’t look as good as those built in the ’80s,” she says. “No matter what, we will try to help everyone.” Six Bender residents have moved, another six have walked away from their properties. Campana says he has helped some residents, and will help others. Poudre Valley Mobile Home Park will not accept homes built before 1970, but all homes have to be in good condition regardless of age. Owner Dean Carlson of North Star Mobile Home & RV Park offers to help defray the expense of moving to his community providing they sign a two year lease. The 12 families of the last LLC to close each received $2,000 relocation costs from the developer, Loveland Commercial LLC. Says Loveland’s Eric Holsapple, “It’s an obligation for those of us who are the cause of change to be aware of the impact on people. It’s not that change isn’t going to happen… but we do need to be responsible and take care of people. That’s how we live. That’s how we run our business.”

(Photo credit: V. Richard Haro/Coloradoan)

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