Factory-built Housing Increasing in Popularity

CNBC reports following consolidation in the MH industry, surviving companies are targeting the energy efficient home-building market. “Manufactured homes offer quality housing at costs from 10 to 35 percent less than site-built construction. As people continue to see utility costs rise with inflation, they will appreciate the cost savings achievable with energy-efficient manufactured homes,” said Cavco Industries Chairman & CEO Joe Stegmayer. In a book titled “Prefabulous + Sustainable”, noting the increasing popularity of factory-built housing, Sheri Koones says, “Anytime a technology comes along that is able to provide a product that is better quality, lower cost and quicker to market is destined to replace the existing technology, which in home construction has typically been built on-site building.”  The article also states Warren Buffett, having acquired Clayton Homes in 2003, has high hopes for the industry.

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