FEMA Homes: Drafty in ND

Following the floods last Spring that destroyed many Minot, North Dakota, homes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) brought in manufactured housing for hundreds of residents. Although the winter so far has been mild, residents say their heating bills are two and three times more than in their original homes, according to KFYRTV. Nathan Routhier, who is repairing his flood-damaged home, says it is warmer than his temporary FEMA home, which has a cross-wind. Kevin Martin, of Ralph’s Plumbing and Heating in Minot, says the higher electric bills are partly due from heating the tape that protects the outdoor water pipes. Noting this may not be sufficient to keep the pipes from bursting, he says, “It’s hard to take something of that nature, plug it into the prairie and expect it not to freeze. I don’t think it can take extreme cold.” FEMA Federal Coordinating Officer Deanne Chriswell, while noting the temporary homes are not as comfortable as an actual house, believes they will endure the ND winters, but offers a phone number in case the pipes fail.

(Photo credit: KFYRTV)

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