Flooding Ravages North Dakota MH Communities

The Minot Daily News reports from Minot, North Dakota, that hundreds of manufactured homes were not able to be moved before the raging Souris River overflowed the levees.  Wayne Aga, who moves these homes for a living, says he transported 14 in the two days before the flood, and could have moved more had the ground not been so wet.  He says, “People don’t realize it needs to be dry. And tensions are high because it’s such a short amount of time we had to get them out.”  According to Toni Smith, who with her husband manages two land lease communities (LLC), there have not been vacancies in any communities she knows of in Minot for at least two years, which also limited movement of homes out of the flood zone.  She notes that some manufactured homes have a slight advantage over traditional homes because there is usually about two feet of crawl space.  She also states that site-built homes have the same problems as new manufactured homes when it comes to flooding. Nearly 4,500 people have registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for assistance.

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