Epic Hypocrisy? Tom Steyer Faces Past Ghosts of Farallon Hedge Fund, 2020 Heats Up, plus Manufactured Home Stock Updates

DowJonesIndustrialAverageDJIYahoo7172019EveningMarketSnapshotMHProNewsLet’s be clear. A raft of candidates on each side of the left-right divide have their controversies. So spotlighting Tom Steyer’s troubles this evening is to single out one of several possible options. What makes this potentially interesting to MHVille and others are claims of not only hypocrisy, but that some rather dark tactics allegedly were used to earn his fortune too.  MHProNews will wait for further developments on that claim before diving into details. Even if Steyer’s campaign goes nowhere, his positions are similar to many of his Democratic contenders. Environmental standards would impact housing construction standards, as the Green New Deal reminds us. How regulations impact businesses – especially smaller firms – is something that Steyer could shed light on, regardless of how well or poorly his campaign performs. With consumer confidence slipping – due in part to political concerns – major markets dipping, and the same dip in stock values today from almost all manufactured home tracked equities, we’ll take a peek behind the 2020 curtain at the controversy surrounding the Steyer campaign.  It will provide clues that may prove useful for the developing presidential and other political contests.



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CNN Business headlines/bullets.

·        If storm clouds are forming, banks don’t see them

·        US financial centers are hauling in huge profits, striking an optimistic tone about the economy

·        Disney calls Abigail Disney’s investigation a ‘stunt’

·        Amazon is the latest target of Europe’s crackdown on the power of big tech

·        S&P 500 has its worst day in more than three weeks

·        Instagram doubles down on test to hide likes

·        Facebook has a second chance to sell Libra on Capitol Hill today

·        United buys used planes since it can’t fly 737 Max

·        Elon Musk is making implants to link the brain with a smartphone

·        Boeing hires 9/11 compensation fund lawyer to dole out $50 million to victims of 737 Max crashes

·        A startup that streams video games could be China’s biggest Wall Street IPO this year

·        Netflix stock plummets after massive subscriber miss

·        FaceApp’s viral success proves we will never take our digital privacy seriously

·        America is losing the space race


Fox Business headlines/bullets.


·        Kevin Spacey sexual assault case dropped: Still Netflix, Hollywood producers lost millions

·        Netflix CEO to host Pete Buttigieg fundraiser in California: report


·        Texas v. Azar continued last week, with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit hearing oral arguments in the case.

·        Nancy Pelosi vs ‘the squad’: Feud is back on, Varney says

·        FaceApp security concerns arise as Russian-owned face-aging app goes viral

·        Elderly robocall scam victim committed suicide after ‘fraudsters’ stole life savings

·        El Chapo’s $12.6B fortune ordered forfeited: What to know about the multibillion-dollar drug empire

·        Tesla employees claim they cut corners to meet Model 3 production goals: report

·        Cruise ships are canceling their stops in Puerto Rico as unrest unfolds

·        Fmr. Home Depot CEO: New Amazon Prime show involving sons is binge-worthy

·        TurboTax targeted low-income taxpayers to fill revenue hole caused by Trump tax law: Report

·        The hottest US states for foreign real estate investors

·        IRS tax tips: 6 ways to stop cybercriminals from accessing your private information

·        US military members need to dump Huawei phones, expert warns

·        Injured NBA star Kevin Durant to out-earn every MLB player while likely missing 2019-20 season

·        Hilton projects historic year for company due to luxury hotel openings

·        Boeing retains Kenneth Feinberg to oversee victims compensation fund

·        Dow could top 30K if Fed cuts rates, USMCA gets passed: Peter Navarro

·        Google alleged ties to China a national security issue?

·        Former National Security Council chief of staff Fred Fleitz on concerns over Google’s alleged ties to China and President Trump canceling an F-35 sale after Turkey gets Russian air defense system.

·        Is Facebook prepared to address Libra concerns?

·        EY Senior Vice Chair Michael Inserra on Facebook’s Libra and the future of cryptocurrency.

·        Trump administration asylum rules facing legal backlash



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Tonight’s Business/Market/Political Impact Spotlight –

Still from older MSNBC video, but this evening’s video is from CBS News, posted further below.

His [Tom Styer’s] fund’s investments in  coal mining and private prisons are two of the biggest hazards. … Steyer is the founder of Farallon Capital Management, one of America’s largest hedge funds, the high-risk investment pools for big investors. He left Farallon in 2012 after running the San Francisco firm for 26 years,” said the L. A. Times.

The New York Times cited similar background. Climate Depot recently cited a report on Steyer that, “He titled his reportHypocrisy & Hedge Funds: Climate Change Warrior Tom Steyer’s Secret Life as Coal Investment Kingpin.”

Across the left-right media divide, there is a brewing storm over billionaire climate activist Steyer, who is being accused of hypocritical pivots, making big bucks from sources such as fossil fuels and private prisons, while posturing being the opposite. We’ll reach out and ask his campaign to comment.

Spotlighting Steyer should not be construed as an endorsement or opposition, it is a report with analysis. Later into the campaign, MHProNews will pick one Democrat, one Republican and one Independent/third party candidate as the best option from those groups for manufactured housing. Once the nominations are all set, MHProNews will support the best candidate for the industry and consumers, as we did in prior presidential contests.

Whatever happens to Steyer’s campaign, his early stated policy stances are similar to several other 2020 Democratic hopefuls.  It will be interesting to monitor how his opponents, some of whom have already blasted his being a billionaire, while agreeing with him on policies, will respond to these vexing accusations that being ‘green’ is just a sham for him.



Several 2020 hopefuls have already touched specifically on manufactured housing related topics, directly and obliquely.  A new report linked below provides an insight into a Democratic candidate we’ve spotlighted previously.  Given that HUD Secretary Ben Carson has made manufactured housing a higher profile topic, and pondering what other Democrats and Republicans have been doing in recent months,  don’t be surprised if other candidates go to communities and/or otherwise raise manufactured home specific issues.

Politics, not economics, is arguably having more of a drag on business and consumer confidence.  That’s suggested by CNN and other sources. Investors crave confidence, but 2020 is challenging that for millions. We’ll continue to monitor and provide noteworthy updates.

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Preface: it must be kept in mind that every business and profession have good, bad, and meh examples of that occupation. Research by third-parties suggest that millions love their pre-HUD Code mobile home or post June 15, 1976 manufactured home. University and academic studies by nonprofits have praised manufactured homes for decades.



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  • NOTE: Drew changed its name and trading symbol at the end of 2016 to Lippert (LCII).



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