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Triad Financial Services is now part of Canadian based ECN Capital, a publicly traded company, as the Daily Business News has previously reported.

ECN/Triad produced a power point designed for investors. 

Three of those slides have been published on MHLivingNews, as part of a broader report for savvy shoppers of manufactured homes. 


That MHLivingNews report is linked below.  It includes a video produced for the FMHA, which thousands of industry professionals should also find of interest.

U.S. Association, Plus Canadian-Owned U.S. based MH Lender Release Video, Facts on Modern Manufactured Homes and MH Homebuyers –

The manufactured housing industry is undergoing significant changes in both the United States and in Canada. As we reported some weeks ago via our interview with award winning retailer, Alan Amy, billionaires and billion-dollar operations are literally buying into the manufactured home industry. Why?

Those ECN Triad slides are posted below, because they are useful to the industry’s understanding of its customer base. 




The credit quality attracted by Triad is similar to that of conventional housing buyers, perhaps slightly better. This is good news for the industry and its investors. It should be eye-opening for those who struggle to get 600 credit score buyers.

Fishing in the Right Pond’

As Credit Human’s Barry Noffsinger said in the 16 minute video posted above, the better credit scores are buying site built houses, but Triad, Credit Human and others demonstrate that they routinely make loans to that same credit profile.

The industry can be proud of loans made that lead customers with problematic credit histories into successful becoming home owners.  That’s a big market. 

But the largest market, as Noffsinger and NAR research alike point out, are those site built buyers.

Learning how to attract those buyers is a key to advancing the industry retailers, communities and developers in local market(s) to its potential.   ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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