Dow Pushes Higher; Cavco Gains Four Percent Plus

Investors rejoiced that economists predict 175,000 jobs will have been added in Feb., further driving the Dow to another new record today. While some analysts suggest there may be a pullback, “There’s more and more confidence that the economy is on firmer footing,” according to Bill Stone of PNC Wealth Management. “It’s not growing fast, but it’s not about to fall off a cliff either.” CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average moved up +0.26 percent, +36.79 points, to close at another record high of 14,290.56. The Nasdaq fell slightly, -0.05 percent, -1.76 points, to close at 3,222.37, while the S&P closed in on a new record high, gaining +0.11 percent, +1.67 points, to end the day at 1,541.46. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite moved up +0.60 percent to close at 1468.1. Housing stocks we track closed mixed or even. Cavco Industries gained the most of tracked stocks, advancing +4.08 percent, +1.89, to end the day at 48.26. Louisiana Pacific Industries dropped the most of stocks we track, -1.79 percent, -0.39, to close at 21.41. Affiliated Managers Group 150.01 +0.86 (+0.58%). Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathaway 155,095 +670.00 (+0.43%). Champion, Liberty Homes, Deer Valley and Palm Harbor continued unchanged. Drew Industries 36.80 -0.09 (-0.24%). Equity LifeStyle Properties 74.62 -0.33 (-0.44%). Nobility Homes remained unchanged at 5.40. Patrick Industries 14.10 -0.04 (-0.28%). Skyline Corp. 4.58 +0.05 (+1.10%). Sun Communities Inc. 46.97 -0.17 (-0.36%). Third Avenue Value Fund (March 5) 52.12 +0.13 (+0.25%). Universal Forest Products, Inc. 41.27 -0.04 (-0.09%). UMH 10.15 -0.02 (-0.20%).

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