Bold new Ideas for Manufactured Housing

We've been talking for some time now about the Manufactured Housing Image and Marketing Campaign.  We have dubbed the particular approach to this plan The Manufactured Housing Alliance/Phoenix Project.  Let's take a moment and see what this multi-generational Industry pro has to say about the GoToMeeting PowerPoint presentation he recently attended online.

"As I listened to Tony’s presentation I was completely impressed by the bold new ideas he was bringing to the table.  For years, most people have looked at the issues facing our industry and said, “nothing can be done.” Tony has looked at these same problems and asked, “what can be done?”  I believe his solutions are creative, daring and best of all possible."  – Chad Carr, Rainmaker Consulting

While thanking Chad and all those who have already shared statements of support for this project, let me hasten to add that this is more than "Tony's" ideas.  We have had input from industry leaders literally from sea to shining sea that have made the MH Alliance/Phoenix Plan what it is.  They and others have put their stamp and 'endorsement' on this plan.

Successful retailers and industry's all have something in common.  They know how to market.  They know how to create appeal and demand.  It should be obvious that we can do similar things that make others successful!

mannequins in busy mall retail store

Look behind the mannequins.  Do you see all the shoppers?
Image building.  Marketing. These are keys to our Industry's Future.

This is therefor The Industry's plan for marketing and sales turn-around and new home shipment growth!

bridge in Chicago Botanic Garden, Japanese Islands

Let's take the next step to crossing our Bridge to the Future

If you haven't read the previous comments, please take a look at those who have shared their ideas and their public statements of support.

We will be doing our next online GoToMeeting (think webinar) review and discussion of this plan soon.  Send us your request to be included by placing The MH Alliance/Phoenix Project in the subject line of your email.  

The information is free. The value is potentially priceless. # #


by L. A. "Tony" Kovach
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