Council Rejects Rezoning Request

In re-visiting a story we last published Aug. 15, 2012 about the Clawson Mobile Home Park in Boone, North Carolina being closed to make way for a 266-unit student housing complex, the WataugaDemocrat reports the Boone Town Council unanimously voted Tue. Aug 21 to deny the petition by Mega Builders of Greensboro, NC to rezone the property. Councilwoman Lynne Mason, a steady advocate for affordable housing in Boone, says, “ It takes away an affordable housing option without offering an affordable housing alternative.” Councilman Rennie Brentz adds, “If there was a sense of contributing to the community other than economically … I could be more sympathetic.” As MHProNews learned, the owners plan to close the community Oct. 4 whether a change in zoning goes through or not.

(Photo credit: Anna Oakes/Watauga Democrat—Boone Town Council)

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