Candidate for Sheriff Continues Pitching Modular Jail Units

Following a story last posted Feb. 18, 2014 regarding a sheriff’s race in San Joaquin County, California in which the contender says modular jail cells would help ease overcrowding, Sgt. Pat Withrow, of the county sheriff’s department, says the county can afford four modular units which would hold 64 inmates each. While his opponent, current Sheriff Steve Moore, argues retrofitting modular facilities to meet state standards would be too expensive, and that modular is just a temporary solution to a permanent problem, Withrow says Mendocino County has housed inmates in modular facilities for 30 years. While the state does not approve of using modular facilities for correctional housing because of its alleged short life span, Lt. John Bednar of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department says, “The newer modular facilities they can build are superior to what we have. Would I go out and buy the same building again? No. Is modular still an option in the future? Absolutely.” Ken Holloway, of Relocatable Confinement Facilities in Dixon, who helped design the Mendocino County facility, tells the 64-unit facility Sgt. Withrow proposes would cost $800,000 to $1 million and could be built in 60-90 days. ##

(Photo credit: Spectrum Building Systems–modular jail)

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