Best Selling Author, Speaker, Consultant Tim Connor on Power in the Wrong Hands

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Power in the hands of the wrong people over the years regardless of their wealth, race, gender or political leanings have always been and always will be dangerous,” said Tim Connor, CSP, factory built housing trainer, speaker, and bestselling author of over 80 books, including “Soft Sell – the New Art of Selling.”

Conner’s comments were exclusive to MHProNews on a recent article citing an apparent, but questioned, conflict between Warren Buffet, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, and Tim Williams, the CEO of 21st Mortgage and Finance, and the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) chairman.

As industry professionals and Daily Business News readers know, 21st Mortgage and Finance is one of three leading companies in the manufactured home (MH) industry, owned by Buffett’s conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway.

Berkshire Hathaway owns or has interests in other lending, suppliers and service providers that intersect with manufactured housing.

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The cited conflict is between the views of Williams and Buffett.

Buffett is an avid supporter of the progressive movement. He supported former-President Barack Obama, and backed Senator Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign.

If progressives think that their agendas are good for us all in the long run they are living in a bubble,” Connor said.

In a PowerPoint presentation Williams used provided for members at an MHI meeting, he pointed out that two of the two of the four top challenges to increasing MH sales are the “progressive ideology” and “CFPB Regulation and enforcement.”

Yet, President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton – both of whom Buffett actively supported – are in line with “progressive ideology,” and support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Dodd-Frank.


Many progressives and wealthy people feel that it is their right and privilege to direct the lives on us all whether politicians, business leaders or Hollywood idiots,” said Conner.

Warren Buffett, right, credit Wikipedia. Tim Williams, right, credit, LinkedIn. Collage credit, MHProNews.

The Daily Business News recently reported that big tech companies and the billionaire’s who run the companies could have far more influence – or means to influence – public opinion than many may realize.

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So it is with most billionaires. They could care less about regulations or deregulation! They buy influence on either side of the aisle. It’s just business.” manufactured housing advocate, Rev Donald Tye, Jr. said.

Anecodtale evidence suggests that the wrong terminology impacts price. But it also impacts people’s emotions, see the poet who rejected the use of the t-word with regard to her home, by clicking the image above.

If every day common sense people let these folks take our freedoms away without a fight – well – we will deserve what we get,” Conner said. For his full commentary, click here. ## (News, Analysis.)

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