Bears Rule, Markets Cruel

8.8.2011_Source__RealTick_and_CNNMoney_posted_MHMSM.com_MHProNews.com_Manufactured_Home_Marketing_Sales_ManagementCNNMoney reports that factors such as the downgrade of the U.S. credit rating has driven stock markets down by over 4% today. The downward trend is approaching two weeks, as global markets have also been moving lower. The Manufactured Housing Composite index also ended up down a dramatic -8.57 percent, closing at 858.8. Clayton/VMF parent Berkshire Hathaway also dropped 101000.00 -6300.00‎ (-5.87%‎). Cavco Industries up earlier today, ended up down 35.24 -2.33‎ (-6.20%‎). Deer Valley and Champion Enterprises remained unchanged. Drew dropped 17.58 -1.09‎ (-5.84%‎). ELS closed down, 56.27 -4.74‎ (-7.77%‎), but has been moving up in after hours trading. Nobility Homes 7.54 -0.61‎ (-7.48%‎). Patrick Industries 1.96 $-0.10 (-4.85%). Palm Harbor Homes closed at 0.014 -0.001 (-6.667%). Skyline 11.13 -1.99‎ (-15.17%‎). UFPI was down 24.80 -2.13‎ (-7.91%‎), but has moved up smartly at press time in after hours trading.

(Graphic Credit: RealTick)

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