Deadline Approaches to nominate MH State Association Execs

Association Executive of the Year Award  Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management

In a release to, Jim Ayote has sent out a reminder that the “State Association Executive of the Year” award’s nomination deadline of August 12, 2011 is approaching. The purpose of the award is to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of an association executive in the areas of positive image improvement, effective government relations, and the development of innovative membership programs that have had a positive impact on association members.  Previous award winners are eligible, and should be nominated if they are the best candidate for the award. Past recipients of the award have been:  Will Ehrle, 1982; Bill Trottier, 1983; Charlotte Gattis, 1984; Lane Kidd, 1985; Dan Gilligan, 1986; Joan Archer, 1987; Patsy Morton, 1988; Gub Mix, 1989; Jess Maxcy, 1990, Tim DeWitt, 1991; Ross Kinzler, 1992; Joan Brown, 1993; Jim Ayotte, 1994; Leff Moore, 1995;  Mike Marlowe, 1996; Steve Zamiara, 1997; Joyce Baker, 1998; Mary Gaiski, 1999; Joe Kelly, 2000; J.D. Harper, 2001; Nancy Geer, 2002; Ross Kinzler, 2003; Bonita Hamm, 2004; Jennifer Hall, 2005; Thad Vann, 2006; Bill Trottier, 2007; Jess Maxcy, 2008; Brad Lovin, 2009; Jim Ayotte, 2010. The award will be presented during the MHI Annual Meeting in Phoenix on October 3, 2011.

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