Are Flawed Policies Fostering Homelessness, Crime? What Happens When Affordable Housing, Including Manufactured Homes, Are Lacking

Still from video, posted further below.

A report and analysis from Columbus, GA linked further below from earlier today includes the interview of a man who stated that he was homeless prior to moving into an affordable manufactured home.

Now an official in that town is threatening to close the community that provided a once-homeless man with affordable housing.

Across the nation, notably in costly cities, the reports of vehicular homelessness are rising.




A sampling of recent reports, shown in the screen capture above, reflects the troubling trend.  MHProNews previously reported on that movement in a report, linked below.


“Vehicular Homelessness” Rising, Land Use, and Manufactured Housing Policies


In the new video posted below, New York’s CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis “has the latest” on a report this week about a homeless woman who was arrested after stealing a mother’s car with her child still inside, and then crashed the vehicle as she tried to escape.


The Daily Business News on MHProNews analysis linked below highlights in a single report several troubling tendencies that have been previously reported.

Public Official, ABC News, Manufactured Home Community Owner Clash Over Resident Concerns

Manufactured homes and communities that are ‘done right’ provide a significant source of affordable housing, as thousands of manufactured home industry professionals and investors recognize.

Problematic policies and NIMBY-style actions at the local level block a broad access to manufactured homes.  That in turn arguably contributes to numerous social, economic, legal and other public problems.



On Black Friday, tens of millions poured into stores, to ‘shop until they drop.’ In a stark contrast, often in those same cities and towns, there are others that are part of an estimated half-a-million plus Americans living without housing.

Collage by MHProNews.

Some of those who live in a vehicle are arguably among the more fortunate ones who are homeless. But cars aren’t meant to be housing.


Giving Thanks for Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Classic “Mobile Home Parks” and Manufactured Home Communities –

Americans overwhelmingly want a place that they can call ” home.” The adage, ” Home is where the heart is,” captures part of that deeply felt desire. The saying, ” a man’s home is his castle ” may sound dated to some, but is a wonderful reminder that home ownership represents security, pride, and independence.

Affordable manufactured homes are more than just a way of making a good, honest living.  They demonstrably provide a path for people of all economic levels to live better for a lower total or monthly cost.

Collage by MHProNews.


Only failed leadership among the industry’s biggest firms and their Arlington, VA based national trade association can arguably account for why there are numerous moves to supplant them.


#NobleNotMobile, New Contest and Video Program Launched, Exclusive Details


  • When the need for affordable housing are so great,
  • when millions of housing units are needed in the USA today,
  • and the opportunities to profit ethically in manufactured housing are so many,
  • the vacuum of their so-called ‘leadership’ is growing, and attracting others into the gaps created.


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Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing, a Novel Yet Proven Solution to the Affordable Housing Crisis That Will Create Opportunities, Based Upon Existing Laws –

Affordable quality housing is one of the most critical issues of our time. So too is affordable home ownership, which should be the ideal goal over rental housing. A challenge is zoning and land use, which is highly politicized, and thus is often misunderstood. What follows is adapted from the comments letter addressed as shown below.

The “Need For Quality Affordable Housing Has Never Been Greater,” Says LT –

The headline is missing two words from the original that was provided to MHLivingNews by Lending Tree (LT), via a news media release. Those missing two words? ” In Miami.” While that was accurate, it is equally accurate for the vast majority of the U.S. today, thus our edit of those two words.

Manufactured Home Resident Group President Cautions Against MHAction, Surprising Background Reveal to Manufactured Housing Action –

If you scratch deeply enough, people of good will can find some common ground with others of good will. There will be disagreements between people. It has been so, since ‘the fall,’ and is expected to continue that way until time comes to an end.



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