“Mom and Dad are Out Back”, said the Son

According to SeniorHousingNews, with health care costs rising and the economy still not thriving, “Granny pods” may start appearing in your neighbors’ backyards. Small modular homes, Med-Cottages, 288 square feet, outfitted as needed for the particular resident, assembled in a backyard, can give seniors a sense of independence while keeping them close. Made by N2Care, SHN tells MHProNews.com the units can be hooked to the main house’s water and utilities, and motion sensors can provide interactive monitoring. The homes cost $85,000 but can be sold back after they are no longer needed. “It’s a value proposition, because nursing home care is much more expensive,” says N2Care CEO Kenneth Tupin. “ It’s an asset you can sell, and if you’ve had it for two years, you can sell it back for about $36,000.” Pacific Modern Homes has been making small kit homes 42 years and has now developed one targeted to seniors. They are looking at the aging-in-place market working with occupational therapists and in-home care professionals to adapt the home to the needs of the occupants. “Sonoma”, their recent addition is 682 square feet with kitchen, bath, bedroom, living room, and laundry. The pieces are numbered and come with assembly directions. The kit sells for $17,000, and can either be assembled by the consumer or pay a contractor $60,000 to put it together. Ken Rader, vice pres. of PMH, says zoning and coding regulations are his biggest barriers in California, where most of his sales occur. Both Tupin and Rader expect demand to increase as the population ages and people seek options to extended care facilities for their loved ones.

(Photo credit: MedCottage–N2Care)

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