Zoning vote could ease locating single sectional manufactured homes

Animated-Flag-South_Carolina wikimedia commonsTandD reports the Orangeburg County Planning Commission gave unanimous approval to a new zoning classification proposal allowing single-section HUD Code home placement in areas which already have a mixture of site-built, single-sectional and multi-sectional manufactured homes. Commissioners voted to approve the proposal for creating the RS-2, Single-Family/Manufactured Home District and for its presentation at a public hearing scheduled to take place at the commission’s Sept. 14 meeting. Orangeburg County Council will have to approve the new classification before it becomes law. Deputy Administrator of the Community Development Division Harold Young said people requesting to locate them in such mixed use areas. “Because of the downturn in the economy … mobile homes are becoming more prevalent,” Young said. “We still want to be smart about the placement of mobile homes. We don’t want pre-1976s. This works better and is more in reality of what we have on the ground.” The new zoning classification would not change the currently zoned residential single-family district, which only allows site-built homes or the residential general district, which does not allow the placement of single-sectional manufactured homes.

(Graphic credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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