Zero Footprint Modular School Building Rises in Great Britain

From comes news that Haydon Bridge High School in the agricultural north of England is the first zero carbon footprint modular school building in the UK, and hopes are for many to follow.  Twelve agriculture students were involved in designing the 65 square meter classroom and the 90 square meter science lab.  The project began with a choice of materials that best suits the 60 students and four staff members who will be using it.  First is insulation, next is the most efficient cooling, heating and lighting controls, followed by renewable technologies that will include solar thermal and a wind turbine.  The building will be carbon negative, meaning it will produce more energy than it uses, and will contain a chicken coop, incubator, greenhouse, and gardens for growing produce.  Said Jill Colinson of Northumberland County Council, “We definitely see this method of construction as the way forward for school buildings in the future.  This makes it a very cost-effective option and we would very much like to see it used again.”

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