Water Restored to MHCs

The BarrowCountyNews from Winder, Georgia reports two MHCs finally have their water back on after the owner, Affordable Housing Communities (AHC), paid thousands in back utility bills. Residents of Russell Village and Winder Village Mobile Home Parks had running water off and on Thursday and Friday of last week, but say they do not know how their water usage is measured. City administrator Donald Toms says the utility will shut off water once the bill is two months behind, and knew one of the bills paid totaled $7,000. He says residents are supposed to be charged a flat rate or based on some formula, but it is up to the owner to decide how the rates are determined. If residents want to challenge the method used it is a matter for a civil court. MHProNews has learned AHC owns 24 MHCs and manages five others, all in southeastern states except one in Texas, and was founded by Michael Gottleib.

(Photo credit: Jay Calderon/The DesertSun)

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