War Talk Worries? How Is It Impacting Markets?

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A longtime mantra inside newsrooms has been, “If it Bleeds, it Leads.” While professionals readily connect with that point with regard to murder or terrorism, that’s also demonstrably true about manufactured housing too, as:

  • tornadoes,
  • hurricanes,
  • dramatic fires,
  • crime or

other fatality/injury and ‘drama’ stories prove.

But what about the news and how it impacts the broader markets?

Everyday people tend to be more impacted than professionals.  Investors ‘factor in’ what’s driving the news, and as the Daily Business News has previously reported, the markets have risen in spite of a nearly non-stop media and political onslaught of the new administration.

International News – What’s Really Going On?

China and Russia are an obvious part of the global business markets.  Great powers – and those that are trying to become great – may posture on the world stage, sometimes like a petulant child, teen or adult striving to gain attention.


The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) informs MHProNews this week that the “Fear Index” is near all-time lows here in the U.S.


Globally, the WSJ says volatility are also at or near all-time lows.  They point to Asian markets as an example.


Snapshot of the U.S. and the Rest of the World’s Economy

It’s timely to note just how dominant the United States still is in the global marketplace.

Knowing that the U.S. dominates the global markets, gives President Trump a unique ability to influence events via a prudent use of economics and policies. The chart above also suggests why foriegn nations want to invest in the U.S., and why repatriation of some 2.5 (+/-) trillion dollars overseas would be possible with the proper tax and regulatory policies. See recent NFIB report, linked here.

Wikipedia says the U.S. has about 4.4 percent of the world’s population.  Yet, the U.S. had nearly 1/4 of the earth’s GDP, per the resources shown in these graphics/charts.

One could take the number two GDP of China – and often bellicose Russia – combine them, and they would still not equal the U.S. GDP, per the data revealed in the chart on this page.

The Daily Business News has been laying out, step-by-step, the actual impact on the marketplace of President Donald J. Trump’s policies (see link above).

The U.S. existing home sales data has shown some slippage, but this is due to a lack of affordable housing, per NAR’s own reporting. That potentially is a golden opportunity for manufactured housing, if – as MHARR’s leadership has suggested – the industry pursues the correct policies in Washington D.C., vs. the problematic ones that have impacted so many in the past.

While we’re just under the first six months of this administration, jobs are looking rosier.

The U.S. stock market has gained about 4 trillion dollars in economic value.

Huge arms and other international – as well as domestic deals – have been announced.

The president has teased more good news, and the recent meeting with tech CEOs – many of whom were his political opponents – were praised by those in attendance.

So while war – notably with radical jihadi groups – is ongoing and more is possible, the WSJ report of the domestic and global market indicators suggest that the odds are against it, thus the ‘fear index’ and volatility are low.


It’s the Economy…

It was Democratic strategist James Carville who popularized the slogan, “It’s the economy, stupid.” While his fellow Dems, anti-Trump and RINOs have been hyperventilating about almost any tweet or topic that points to the president, the economic realities have overall been positive for American workers and businesses alike.

It’s the economy, and it is improving.

It shows in the various confidence indexes that the Daily Business News – alone among manufactured housing publishers – tracks and reports for industry professionals and investors.

Click the image above to see why manufactured housing is poised to advance robustly, so long as various missteps are avoided.

While certainly surprises or the unexpected can happen – and thus it pays to stay informed – the early realities of the Trump presidency have been positive, even if the headlines have often sounded like the opposite.

When bankers, investors, and others take a good, long honest look at the manufactured home industry, they are pleasantly surprised, as the video below illustrates.

Additional reports are planned on some presidential initiatives as they relate to home building, and manufactured housing specifically. Watch for those in the days ahead. ## (News, Analysis.)

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