Urgent to Reassign Pam Danner, Current HUD Code Manufactured Housing Program Administrator

PamDannerMHARRManufacturedHousingAssocRegulatoryReform554x581Recent calls and messages to the Daily Business News from members of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and others outside of that body have revolved around several key topics.

One of them has been the issue of Pam Danner, and her status as the current administrator at HUD over the Manufactured Housing Program.

A common theme?

Most industry professionals who have reached out to MHProNews feel that she must to go.  Move her elsewhere in HUD, or terminate her, but get her out of the manufactured housing program, where a growing number believe she is and has been harming the industry.

Another Common Theme MHI, MHARR and “Transparency”

Several messages and calls specifically raised the point that the communications from the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) makes more sense to them than MHI’s publicly silent position on Danner.

But that silence by MHI doesn’t mean they haven’t taken a stand.

Sources tell MHProNews that when asked, state association executives have said that this is a ‘closed topic, move on.’

Thus, MHARR’s views are gaining more interest from the industry professionals. While not all are in a position to publicly say so – as in the case of a number of uncomfortable state association executives – still some, including current and past MHI board members, believe that MHARR is onto something on this and other topics.

One of those who has previously made as strong public statement calling for Danner being moved to another HUD department, is her friend and multiple-MHI award winner, Doug Gorman.

To see Gorman’s statement, click here or the image below.

DougGormanICantImproveOnWhatMarkWeissMHARRPresidentCEOHasSaidanufacturedHousingIndustryVoices-MHProNews (1)
MHProNews reached out recently to some known Danner supporters, as well as several times to MHI. The known Danner supporters would not comment on the record. Danner when asked about the recent Lois Starkey announcement, would not comment. Fair and balanced, “We Provide, You Decide.”

The MHARR News module on MHProNews is linked here.

It should be noted that MHI stopped providing their news directly to MHProNews for publication was made at the request of Richard A. “Dick” Jennison, about 3 years ago. It should also be noted that MHI stopped providing the now defunct Journal of Manufactured Housing with their news long prior to their stopping it with MHProNews.  So the claim allegedly made in private by MHI staff to certain professionals that they’ve only done that with this trade publisher is clearly not accurate.

Rather, MHI’s increasing silence in communication through third parties reflects part of a clear pattern of their alleged lack of transparency.

While Rolfe has been more low key lately, he has previously pulled no punches in his criticism of MHI “hypocrisy” and their poor communications with and for the manufactured housing industry. To learn more, click the image above.

As Daily Business News readers know, MHI statements are still quoted for fair, balanced insights by industry professionals, under fair use guidelines.

MHARR on Danner, Communities, Retailers

As these letters and other MHARR communications since President Trump’s inauguration clearly indicate, the question for the industry is no longer whether the current program Administrator should remain or not,” MHARR told MHProNews.  “Her performance over the course of nearly four years, as detailed by MHARR and distributed to the industry at every step, makes this a foregone conclusion.”

MHARR’s assessment and analysis of Ms. Danner’s most recent actions with extremely negative impacts for the industry’s post-production sector – specifically retailers and communities (e.g., on-site completion and installation regulation) – makes your involvement and participation in this effort all the more critical,” they said.

MHARR’s full release, plus the copies of their two issued communiques, are posted on the MHARR News module, at this link here. ##

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