Update on Important Staff Changes at HUD

Thursday April 8, 2010

Arlington, VA – MHI has confirmed the staff reorganization at HUD. As we reported last week, Bill Matchneer, who has served as Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Manufactured Housing, is transitioning to the HUD Office of General Counsel.

Bob Ryan, FHA’s Chief Risk Officer, will now also oversee the activities of the office of Regulatory Affairs and Manufactured Housing. Mr. Ryan was appointed by FHA Commissioner David Stevens last November to serve as the agency’s first-ever Chief Risk Officer to oversee the coordination of FHA’s efforts to concentrate risk management in a single division devoted solely to managing and mitigating risk to the FHA insurance fund across all programs. As we understand it, Ryan will ultimately be integrating all operations into the Office of Risk Management and Regulatory Affairs once it has been formally established. Prior to coming to HUD, Ryan worked at Freddie Mac for nearly 26 years and most recently served as vice president of portfolio management and pricing in Freddie Mac’s single family credit guarantee division.

Teresa Payne will move to the Office of Regulatory Affairs and Manufactured Housing in the role of Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, where she will have day-to-day responsibility for overseeing the Office of Manufactured Housing. Payne has been with the Department of Housing and Urban Development since 1996, serving as an attorney in the Office of General Counsel and as Director of Business Development. She also will be playing an integral role overseeing SAFE Act and RESPA.

Obviously this change has implications for MHI’s priorities regarding the SAFE Act and the Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Program. We have been in constant communication with the Commissioner’s office and with the Office of Manufactured Housing and we have been assured that these changes will not impede efforts to work with MHI to move the industry forward.

In his new position, Matchneer will continue to play an important role in issues impacting our industry.

MHI looks forward to working with the new leadership team at HUD, and will be reaching out to them.


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