Two Surveys Show Romney in Lead

According to realclearpolitics, based on voting patterns since 1972 and polls by an extensive list of news and survey organizations going back to 2009, of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the U.S. presidency, 201 votes are likely for Obama/Biden, while 206 votes are likely in the Romney/Ryan camp. 131 votes are in toss-up states. The site also includes detailed information about current and historical Senate and House contests, as well as commentary by various political writers, the seats that will probably change hands, and ratings on Obama’s stewardship of the country. For more information, do click here. Meanwhile, in a Gallup Poll of 2,700 probable voters from a series of telephone surveys conducted Oct. 7 through Oct. 20, 2012, Gov. Romney is ahead of Pres. Obama 52% to 45%. As MHProNews has learned, undecided respondents were asked which way they were leaning, and those responses were incorporated in the results. Gov Romney began widening the gap the second week of Oct.

(Graphic credit: realclearpolitics)

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