Tiny Homes Shelter the Homeless

Tiny homes, many made from recycled materials, are springing up in cities across the land to house the homeless, combining sustainability with social reform. In Olympia, Washington, thirty 144 square-foot homes have been constructed in a safe, street-light lined lane called Quixote Village, according to inhabitat.com.

Occupy Madison, a non-profit in Wisconsin has plans for 98 square-foot solar-powered micro homes with a heater and toilet. The homes, built by volunteers of all skill levels, are on wheels so they can be moved to a public space or church yard. MHProNews.com has learned for a limited time, donations up to $10,000 are being matched by special supporters.

Gary Pickering of Provo, Utah was once homeless himself and has been instrumental in helping others build Dignity Roller Pods, also called Survival Shelters, for fellow homeless people. Similar initiatives are underway in Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas. ##

(Photo credit: Gary Pickering/dignityrollerpod.blogspot.com–Survival Shelter)


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