The Energy Efficiency Home Tax Credit Update

At year-end, Chairman Charles Rangel (D-15th-NY) introduced H.R. 4213, a tax extenders bill which would provide roughly $31 billion in tax breaks to

40 provisions that expired at the end of the year. The Democrat’s tax extenders package that was introduced does not have a provision to extend the Energy Star tax credit for manufactured homes. Manufacturers who build ENERGY STAR homes were eligible to receive a $1,000 tax credit. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-8th-WA) and Congressman Geoff Davis (R-4th-KY) tried to offer an amendment to H.R. 4213 before the Rules Committee to extend Section 45L, but the rule was closed and no amendments were offered. We are very disappointed that the Majority decided to circumvent the Ways and Means Committee and take the bill straight to the floor which passed by a vote of 241-181. The Energy Efficiency Home Tax Credit, Section 45L, is following the same legislative path of 2007.

MHI, along with its broad-based coalition of energy efficiency and environmental organizations, housing associations, public interest groups and corporations sent letters to all Members of Congress urging them to extend the New Home Energy Efficient Tax Credit. H.R. 4213 has now been referred to the Senate Finance Committee for consideration. Chairman Max Baucus of the Senate Finance Committee said that he will focus on finishing the extenders bill when the Senate reconvenes in mid-January. MHI members are encouraged to call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 or go to and contact their Senators directly to urge them to extend the New Energy Efficient Home Tax Credit.If you are a MHI member and have questions, contact Rae Ann Bevington at

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