Swamp Watch, Jones leads Moore in Upset, Military Vote, Re-Count?

DougJonesRoyMooreSwampWatchDailyBusinessNewsMHproNerwsIts an election that will be scrutinized and analyzed for years to come.  Several mainstream media outlets have called the special Alabama Senate race in favor of Democratic candidate Doug Jones over the Republican Judge Roy Moore.

It most certainly has an impact on manufactured housing in a state that produces and sells significant numbers of HUD Code manufactured homes.

Behind the headlines are the politics of sexual allegations that hit voters just weeks before the final election.  The politics of racial fears, and division were also a factor. There are also early indications that white voter turnout was somewhat down.

Write in votes by normal GOP backers may have played a decisive factor in tipping the narrow race in favor of Jones.

Among the things to watch are how the markets will react to the voting, which could impinge on the already narrow hold the GOP has in the Senate, and how that could impact the Trump Administration’s reform agenda.  The winner won’t be seated until January. There are several legal maneuvers still possible.


The dinner table in southern Alabama that the Daily Business News was at last night, prior to most of the voting results being reported, indicated that some normally conservative leaning individuals didn’t vote.

On Location in Alabama, Roy Moore vs. Doug Jones Special Senate Election

The Blame and Spin Game

The split between Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Steve Bannon, who leads right-of-center Breitbart and was reportedly a key strategist in the Trump Campaign’s upset win a year ago, will be a figures to watch in the blame game that’s sure to follow.


The Daily Business News will provide an update, later today.  But among the takeaways at this time seems to be the following.

  • Democrats outmaneuvered Republicans with the sexual allegations, even though some of them were at least partially debunked.
  • It’s a seat the Dems will not likely hold in 2020, when this seat is once again up for election in the deep red state of Alabama.
  • Just enough of the GOP’s Senate leadership threw Judge Roy Moore under the proverbial bus to cause some not to vote, and moved the write in votes to hit a level that tipped the race.
  • The left is celebrating a win that reveals that while trust in the media and politics are still at or near historic lows, that manipulating voters in sufficient numbers through “October Surprise” tactics apparently still carried the day.
  • The swamp lives on.

Will Moore concede the race?  Moore has appealed to God, let’s see what the Almighty’s reply is. “We Provide, You Decide.” © (News, commentary, analysis.)

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