Studies Show Manufactured Home Communities Safe Places to Live – Urges Localities to Promote Manufactured Housing

In Cityscape: A Journal of Policy Development & Research Volume 12, No. 2 published by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, an article entitled “Trailers and Trouble? An Examination of Crime in Mobile Home Communities” concludes that there is no significant difference between the rates of crime in manufactured home communities relative to other residential areas. The study concluded that cities and other municipalities should not be so reticent to allow the creation or expansion of manufactured home communities, and indeed suggests that communities have a vested interest in providing housing options for its citizens. The evidence in the study suggests that local regulators should seek to make sure that the permitting system is disposed towards allowing greater placement of manufactured home communities. Click here for the study.

The study also supports the conclusions of a study issued last year “Overcoming Barriers to Placing Manufactured Homes in Metropolitan Communities” published in the Journal of the American Planning Association urging planners to promote affordable housing by devising educational programs to promote community acceptance, encouraging public-private partnerships that support manufactured housing provision, reviewing and modifying existing regulations so they treat manufactured housing the same as site-built single-family housing. Click here to review this study.

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