Students Build Modular Homes for Habitat for Humanity

The Washington County (Virginia) Habitat for Humanity has received a donation that will allow the organization to establish a Land Bank and help sustain it in coming years, according to Two professors from Emory and Henry College had left a legacy fund with Emory United Methodist Church which has donated $150,000 to Habitat, $100,000 of which will be used for the purchase of five building sites around Abingdon, VA. A modular home being built by students at William Neff Center will occupy one of the lots, their second modular home for the Habitat affiliate. Bob Denham, a board member of Habitat, says, “As Habitat receives part of its income from the zero percent mortgage its homeowners pay each month, the more mortgage income it receives the more houses it can build.” Pete Stigers, also of Habitat, says the students learn the importance of helping others, as MHProNews has learned. “The earlier you can make a person aware of making a difference, the more likely it is they’ll be doing this kind of work for the rest of their lives,” he says.

Photo credit: baltimoresun–Habitat for Humanity modular home built by students  for Kimberly Johnson and daughters.)

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