Sooner or Later, It’s Moved by Truck

SoonerLaterMovedByTruckDroppingFuelPricesManufacturedHomeIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNwesWhile lumber costs have risen for all of housing – including factory builders – fuel prices are falling.

In fact, CNN Money reports that prices are the lowest they’ve been in about 12 years.

NBC News in the video below echoes that reality, stating that prices are expected to stay low, thanks to higher crude oil production levels.

Part of that production is in the U.S. and Canada, and it is part of what the Trump Administration’s all of the above energy policies were aimed at.

POTUS = President of the United States. POTUS Trump’s energy policies, the approval of Keystone and Dakota access and other initiatives are all beginning to have a positive effect on energy costs.

The average price in the U.S. for a gallon of regular is $2.23, down 15 cents from a month ago, according to AAA. Plus, about 25% of gas stations nationwide are selling gas for $2 a gallon or less.

A recent report on POTUS Trump’s energy policy – and what it can mean for manufactured and modular housing – is linked here.


CNN may not be giving the president and his policies any credit any time soon – given the highly visible back-and-forth between the network and the administration.

Adjusting for inflation, the cost of fuel is lower than 12 years ago.

But one thing that was missing from their otherwise useful set of slides is something the president has stressed.


To see that report, click here or the image above.

Lower regulatory barriers translate into lower costs.  That’s part of economics 101.

But as noted in the slides, the various factors are lining up to bring the U.S. lower energy costs, which is overall good for the U.S. economy.

Disruptive weather can cause spikes in fuels costs, as most adults have experienced.


Less Foreign Fuel Dependency, Safer World & Economy?


Lower Transport Costs…

While transporters don’t always drop prices quite as fast as is seen at the pump, nevertheless the entire product/production/delivery chain has or will see benefits from savings.

…Home Buyers Benefit Too

Less spent on transportation costs means more disposable income.  That often means more dollars for other things, perhaps…for those extra dollars a buyer needs to raise for that down payment? ## (News, Analysis.)

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