Software Designed to Track Life of Tools

WoodworkingNetwork informs Universal Forest Products, Inc. (UFPI) has instituted a software system to document usage of 300 production tools. The new system, called Intooligence, and developed by an Elkhart, IN company of the same name, maintains a database of serial numbers of cutterheads, links to knife sets, keeps track of sharpening schedules of knife sets, and the location of knife templates. It is also designed to record setup times by product, job, and machine, as well as the overall condition of moulder tooling at its UFP Granger facility in Granger, Indiana. The software also trained employees how to use the system. UFPI provides wall panels and engineered structural lumber products for the manufactured housing industry, and a host of lumber-related products for a variety of industries.

(Graphic credit: UFPI)

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