SBA Loans Available for Housing in Alabama

The Times Daily says only 4,712 of the 44,209 loan applications distributed by FEMA across Alabama following the deadly tornadoes of April 27 have been returned.  Maximum Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) emergency assistance for a new home, or repairs to a damaged one, is $32,000, not enough for a new manufactured home.  In Phil Campbell, Alabama, one third of the town was wiped out, and 36 people in the county died.  Paula Posey and her family lost their home and vehicles.  She discovered they can make up the difference on the purchase of a new manufactured home through a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan that charges half the going interest rate.  FEMA tells people they cannot be eligible for other federal aid without first applying to the SBA, even if the loan is not granted.  A FEMA official says people do not want more debt, but may not fully understand the SBA program.

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