Presidential hopeful makes campaign stop at New Hampshire Modular producer

Rick_Perry_at_Epoch_Homes_Union_LeaderUnionLeader reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry made a campaign stop at Pembroke based modular producer Epoch Homes. While at Epoch, presidential hopeful Perry called for reduced regulations to get businesses creating jobs in the U.S. instead of outsourcing them overseas. Perry met with Epoch employes, in typical New Hampshire campaigning style. Dave Quinn has been an Epoch employee for 3 years.    Quinn, from Auburn NH said he is a registered independent but usually votes Republican. While undecided, Quinn said he’s leaning toward Gov. Perry over former Gov. Romney. “I like his big push on deregulation,” Quinn said. “That push to give control back to the people, that’s what’s really swaying my position to support Gov. Perry over Mitt Romney.” John Ela, president of Epoch Homes, expressed enthusiasm for a candidate like Perry, who “focuses on the concept of the American dream is very important to us.” Epoch’s Ela also said that “As governor, he cut taxes and in one of the first times since World War II he was able to cut spending in his state,” Ela added “That’s certainly something you’ve seen a lot about in the news lately: the need to cut government spending.”

(Photo credit: UnionLeader)

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