Prefab is a Green Choice

From Pottstown, Pennsylvania The Mercury posted an item from Earthtalk asking if modular, prefab homes are better for the environment. Rob Sherman of Minneapolis wrote in, asking if a modular vacation home would be easier on the environment than building a traditional house from scratch.  The response: prefabrication generates less waste, uses less energy and provides more opportunities for the incorporation of greener construction methods and technologies. The article notes most such buildings are also less demanding on the home site of choice. The item also mentions Toronto’s Sustain Design Studio and Latvian firm Esclice as market innovation leaders. A note of caution was provided, however adding that potential buyers should keep in mind that a home’s construction is just a fraction of its life-cycle carbon footprint. Small pre-fab houses are built by people who also drive to work, watch TV and sometimes take long showers.

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