Pre-Fabricating in Brooklyn

Atlantic Station in Brooklyn, Eric Miller PhotoCNN ran a story this week about a series of modular highrises that could go up beside Atlantic Station in the heart of Brooklyn. The resulting 32-story, 6,000 unit complex would be the tallest modular structure in the world. While modular construction is not new, it hasn’t been used on taller buildings that experience high winds, and exert pressure on the components located near the ground in the building. Structural engineer David Farnsworth is quoted in the article as saying modular construction can save as much as 20 percent, a considerable amount considering New York is the most costly city in the U.S. to build in. The project has been stalled because the market rate for the units has come down faster than the cost of construction. Labor unions are concerned that developers could set up modular construction factories in places where labor costs are much lower.

(Image Credit: Eric Miller)

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