Palomar Modular Buildings Introduces Integrated Wood-Steel Floor System

palomar logoPalomar Modular Buildings, a Texas based manufacturer of commercial prefabricated and modular buildings, announced recently the introduction of an integrated wood-steel floor system achieved by nesting dimensioned lumber in perimeter steel beams. The company says the new floor system can reduce over the road height by as much as a foot. The floor system increases the structural integrity of the onsite floor system by allowing for a true perimeter foundation that also lowers the height of the structures off the ground. Also, in a conventional installation Palomar’s buildings can now have handicap ramps that are up to 12’ feet shorter thus making entry and egress more user friendly.Palomar says this new application is particularly important for multi story buildings where stacking modules is enhanced with the monolithic floor system that doesn’t require any additional work to remove transport assemblies. In addition, the combined wood-steel floor system eliminates the need for separate carriers to move modules to assembly sites.

(Image Credit: Palomar)

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