PA MH Owners Take Notice

Wellsboro, Pennsylavania, County Assessor Deb Crawford of Tioga County says manufactured home owners need to obtain a trailer release if they sell or move their homes in order to avoid receiving a continuing tax bill. Without the permit “we would not know there is a new owner, “Crawford says,” (and) if they move the trailer without the release, they end up still being assessed for it on that property.” The SunGazette of Williamsport further tells if land is involved in the sale, the deed does not indicate there is a factory-built home on the property, which would result in the former home owner receiving bills for the dwelling. If taxes are not paid on a mobile home for two years it goes up for county tax sale. Wellsboro is in north central PA.

(Photo credit: Wellsboro PA–shown Tioga County Development Corp. bldg.)

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