Oregon Revokes License for Fuqua Homes

State of OregonMHPronews.com has learned from the Register-Guard in Eugene, Oregon that the state has revoked the license of Fuqua Homes of Bend to sell homes. The company also received a fine of $155,000 for failing to deliver on purchased homes or refund deposits. The Department of Consumer and Business Services has decertified the home producer. The company has a factory in Bend, Oregon, and a sales center in Coburg. According to the report, state investigators found that the company had closed its factory in February but was still accepting customers’ deposits. “When violations of state law are discovered, it’s important for the department to take steps to ensure the fraud won’t continue,” said Patrick Allen, acting director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services. The $155,000 penalty was for 26 violations ($5,000 each) for accepting the deposits and failing to either deliver on the homes or refund the money, and five violations of fraud at $5,000 each. The state reports in one case, Fuqua Homes told a customer it would give him a discount if he paid for the home in full before production; the customer lost nearly $137,000 for a structure that was never built.

(Image Credit: State of Oregon)

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