Opportunity Knocks via HUD’s Rural Innovation Fund

Ed-Jennings-Jr.-regional-administrator-for-Region-IV-of-the-U.S.-Department-of-Housing-and-Urban-Development-HUD-Portal.jpgHattiesburgAmerican reports that $5 million for Native American tribes who face unique housing and community development challenges has been set aside by the  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The award was part of a total of 46 for the $28 million Rural Innovation Fund, a new initiative by the Obama Administration.  Ed Jennings Jr., regional administrator for Region IV of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, said: “Despite our agency’s name, HUD’s work has reached across almost every neighborhood in our country – including rural neighborhoods.” Jennings said, “As President Obama has made clear, America will win the future by out-innovating our global competitors – and unlocking that innovation depends on revitalizing our rural communities.”  Jennings asserted that “With this new approach, communities will not only have a built-in competitive edge in attracting jobs and investment – but also the innovative solutions and partnerships needed to tackle multiple problems with a single investment.”

(Stock photo credit: HUD Portal)

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