Oil and Water Combo Feeds Factory-built Housing

The MinotDailyNews reports from Minot, North Dakota manufactured homes are being welcomed in many older neighborhoods following the Souris River flooding in June of 2011 that took out some 4,100 homes. Many of the houses lost were older, smaller homes that can be replaced quickly and affordably with manufactured houses. Interest has been growing in recent years for modular homes and housing due to the oil boom, and manufactured housing has been growing in rural areas, but it has now increased in town following the flood. City officials have been inundated with special permit requests that are necessary for manufactured housing to be sited in flood plains. The Minot City council has been approving the requests despite misgivings on the part of some council members about their safety and future durability, while others welcome the homes as an alternative to empty lots and abandoned dwellings. MHProNews learned earlier the average price for a single-family home has doubled in Minot since 2008. As we reported here Sept. 20, 2012, a 3,000 home modular development is also under way in town.

(Photo credit: Jill Schramm/Minot Daily News)

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