“Now is the Time for All Good People to Come to the Aid of their Country”

DemocraticNationalCommitteeHQDNCManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) filed their Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) disclosure form for the month of December in the middle of President Donald Trump‘s inaugural State of the Union speech,” says Law and Crime.

Why did the DNC try to bury their filing in a hot moment in the news cycle? Per the site, “according to the filing, the DNC is practically broke.”


As trade associations and most veteran business professionals have learned, business in America today is interwoven with political issues.


As a federally regulated industry – one that also draws state and local oversight, zoning, etc. – manufactured housing is perhaps more impacted by politics than many other industries.

Which ways are MH Association Leadership exercised?

For all the talk of by talking heads and pundits of a so-called ‘blue wave’ in the upcoming 2018 mid-terms, that alleged ‘wave’ is not showing up in funding.

The DNC raised just over $5.2 million for the month of December. This is a paltry sum to begin with, but the Democrats are currently shellshocked and reeling from a string of policy defeats, out of office and out of power.”  The Law site doesn’t say what those ‘defeats’ are specifically, but since former President Barack Obama came into office, Democrats lost some 1000 seats at the federal, state or local level.

Then, in last November’s upset loss to Donald J. Trump, Democrats lost the Oval Office too.

Republicans have nearly $40 million dollars cash on hand, per Open Secrets. 


When DNC debt is subtracted out, they have about $400,000 net.

With the president riding high in flash polls from the State of the Union (SOTU), members of both parties are sending out a similar message to their donors, albeit from completely different perspectives.

The Masthead

Former President Barack Obama recently said something relevant to the nation. But it was particularly and profoundly insightful to manufactured housing professionals. According to the Hill, ” Former President Obama said in an interview that Fox News viewers and NPR listeners are living on different planets in terms of what news they consume.

That message is much like the lesson that used to be given in typing classes in high schools, which read like this.  “Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of their country.”

It seems the GOP, which their website claims plans to outspend Democrats in the midterms, are poised to do just that.

But several high-profile retirements have taken place in both major parties.

“Never a Better Time…Living the American Dream,” plus MH Market Update$

With 10 months to go, it’s a jump ball, per a generic Democrat vs. Republican poll recently released.

Like the direction of the nation?  Hate it?

Stay tuned and stay engaged. It’s your factory-built home industry, and it’s supposed to be your government. “We Provide, You Decide.”  © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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