New South Wales Review may Ease Restrictions on Manufactured Home Communities

australian manufactured home community  intenational to  creditA government review in New South Wales (NSW), Australia set to begin this month is intended to make it easier for developers to re-purpose greenfield sites into manufactured home communities (MHCs) and caravan (recreational vehicle) sites, according to what dailytelegraph informs MHPronews.

Bob Browne, NSW general counsel for Camping, Caravan and Manufactured Housing Industry Association says the review will deal with the current operation of communities as well as the establishment of new MHCs. It will also make it less difficult to alter the number of sites approved for MH and caravans.

Noting manufactured homes are an affordable entry way into the housing market for first time homebuyers, Browne said, “You can buy a manufactured home for between $100,000 and $200,000 … and you don’t have to buy the land.

According to NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes, the review will include discussions with industry officials, councils and affordable housing stakeholders. Any recommendations resulting from the review will not affect current residents of MHCs. ##

(Photo credit: dailytelegraph– manufactured home community in Australia)

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