New solar energy system for homes can track the sun

AllSunTracker_credit_BrightEnergyBrightEnergy reports on a partnership between Vermont-manufactured AllSun Tracker solar electric system and ReVision Energy to bring a new technology to homeowners and businesses throughout northern New England. Designed and manufactured in Williston, VT, AllSun Trackers uses innovative GPS and wireless solar technology to follow the sun throughout the day.  This boosts solar energy production by up to 45 percent.  The ground-mounted solar systems are designed for homes, businesses, non-profits, and commercial-scale installations. In northern Vermont, a single 4.2 kW solar tracker will produce an average of 490kWh of energy per month, enough to power the average New England home.  “Committed to meeting our growing clients’ needs and interests, the Vermont-made AllSun Tracker has been an excellent addition to our installation hardware. More and more people are excited about the prospect of creating their own source of energy and with the AllSun Tracker they can optimize their production yielding a better return on investment,” said Phil Coupe, partner of ReVision Energy.  David Blittersdorf, president and CEO of AllEarth Renewables said “With more than 800 trackers installed in Vermont alone, this new partnership will continue to help make solar possible throughout northern New England.”

(Photo credit: BrightEnergy)

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