New Modular Housing for Migrants

Updating a story MHProNews posted Feb. 4, 2013 regarding the need for new housing for migrant workers, the salemnews reports from Peabody, Mass. Mayor Ted Bettencourt is asking the city council to quickly approve $180,000 to construct a new modular housing facility for the Jamaican employees who tend and harvest apples from the city-owned Brooksby Village. In a letter to the council the mayor says, “The city relies heavily on farm workers in the federal H-2A temporary agriculture program to operate the farm. To ensure continued participation in the program, it is extremely important that we provide housing that will comply with the requirements of the program.” The new modular building would measure 28 feet by 48 feet, and would accommodate eight people in the four sleeping areas as well as a central kitchen, living space and bathrooms. The program began 23 years ago and some of the same workers have been coming the entire time.

(Photo credit: KBS Systems of Maine–modular duplex)

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