New Homesite Planned for First Nation People

Updating a story MHProNews first covered Sept.16, 2011 and last covered Dec. 17., 2012 regarding modular housing for Canada’s Lake St. Martin First Nation which has been flooded out since spring, 2011, the brandonsun reports the Canadian government and tribal leaders have finally agreed on a site. Located just under 200 miles northwest of Winnipeg, the 960 acres surrounding the current location is a little higher to avoid the incessant flooding. Over a thousand former residents are living in hotels and other dwellings at the government’s expense, plus 60 who live in 17 modular homes on an old radar base at Gypsumville. While Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt said the site selection “is an important step toward returning Lake St. Martin evacuees to their home community,” many of the Lake St. Martin people do not think the new location is significantly higher than the old one. While no mention was made of the type of housing, in the past it has often been factory-built homes.

(Photo credit: CBC News–temporary housing at Lake St. Martin)

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