Net Neutrality Approved, Applauded, Animadverted

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved new rules concerning the concept known as net neutrality this week, but criticism came quickly from both sides of the debate. The Federal Communications Commission says it acted to preserve the Internet as an open network enabling consumer choice, freedom of expression, user control, competition and the freedom to innovate. The concept means all Internet content will be treated equally. With net neutrality, an Internet service provider who is also a creator of content can’t restrict the content of a competitor, for example. While the regulator has given itself authority to impose net neutrality, Congress has the power to limit the scope of authority on the FCC and some congressional Republicans opposed to corporate restrictions have indicated plans to do so. On the other side, critics say the new rules are too weak when it comes to content provided through wireless services. For now, the FCC made it unlawful for Internet providers to prevent you from accessing any legal content online.

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