Motley Fool says Manufactured Housing Primed for Bull Run

The Motley Fool seems to have added a zero to one of their reports, a very bullish one on manufactured housing. Here are the key excerpts from the report by Arturo Cuevas. “The bulls are pawing the ground at manufactured housing’s corral. Recent gains in shipments of manufactured homes indicate that this sector is headed toward peak levels this year. For the eight months ending in August, manufactured home shipments totaled nearly 400,000 units, up by about 6% from the eight-month period in 2012. Manufactured housing shipments have registered consecutive increases during the last three years, recalling this sector’s boom years in the early ’70s. Total annual shipments in the 2010-2012 period were registered at 500,000, 516,000, and 540,000, respectively, for an annual average gain of close to 4%.”

While MHProNews is also bullish on manufactured housing, we can’t have this kind of error floating around out there. We’ve advised The Motley Fool by email of the no doubt well intended error.  The most recent – correct – shipment numbers are found at this link.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia–manufactured homes readied for shipment)

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