Modular Seen as Solution to UK’s Housing Crunch

From comes an editorial item conveying that traditional building methods must make room for more cost-effective and sustainable designs if the UK’s growing housing crisis is to be alleviated. Currently, construction rates are around 80,000 new homes below the level required to meet population growth and tackle affordability and undersupply issues. The article says that by making use of off-site construction methods, recycled materials and innovative structural design, homes can be constructed swiftly and cheaply with less impact on the environment. Dr. Chris Goodier, Loughborough University, a primary author of a paper on the topic, says at current construction levels, an annual deficit of around 80,000 is a pressing concern. “While there is no quick fix to the problem, it is important that the Government and industry consider more innovative solutions to development,” Goodier says. “Without them, problems such as overcrowding, undersupply and unaffordable housing seem set to continue.”

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