Modular Housing Plant Still not Open

Following up on a story posted Oct. 14, 2013 regarding a warehouse in Camden, New Jersey set to open as a modular housing factory with the promise of 1,000 jobs for inner city residents within 3-4 months, the building remains padlocked and applicants are discouraged. Camden mayoral candidate Amir Khan had announced the jobs with ACTS Industries when he was running for office, and now people dismiss that occasion as a vote-getting tactic, according to Meanwhile, ACTS owners say their project is on hold while they battle with the former property owner over contamination and obtain the proper financing for the plant, and then they will apply for the permits. Although the property is on the state’s list of contaminated sites, the Department of Environmental Protection says the contaminant levels pose little risk. A city spokesman says they have yet to hear from the company about their plans or needed permits. has learned the unemployment rate in Camden is 16.6 percent. Theodore Lockhart, who was laid off from his job several years ago, says, “A lot of companies wave their flag and then disappear. It’s not so disappointing anymore. You get used to it. If they do get here, I’ll go back. A job’s a job.” Mr. Khan did not win the mayoral race.

(Photo credit: Mary Frank/–modular home being sited at Monmouth Beach, New Jersey)

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