Modular Hospital Replaces Tornado Damaged Facility

The deadly tornado that killed 161 people as it ripped through Joplin, Missouri May 22, 2011 all but demolished St. Johns Regional Medical Center, breaking every window in the nine-story building and pushing it several inches off its foundation. While over 300 people continue to live in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) homes, mostly by the airport in communities established by FEMA, 65 percent of the 7,500 homes destroyed or damaged by the tornado have been replaced or repaired. St. Johns has been renamed Mercy Hospital, and is now a 150,000 square foot modular building that will be used until 2015 when a 300-bed hospital will be built on the edge of town. The United Arab Emirates has donated $5 million for a pediatric and neonatal intensive care wing. TulsaWorld tells over 130,000 volunteers have worked almost 810,500 hours in the aftermath of the storm.

(Photo credit: Examiner/Joplin rebuilding)

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