Modular Homes Rising in Iowa

Joe Kelly, executive vice-president of the Iowa Manufactured Housing Association (IMHA), says, “The modular business has been pretty good in Iowa. In the second quarter, which is the latest for which we have numbers, we were fourth in sales among 34 states surveyed in growth over the first half of the year from the preceding year.” He states 149 modular homes wee sold in the first six months of 2013, compared to 103 for he same period in 2012, according to Owner of Sunrise Housing Jack Lewer recently opened a showroom in Des Moines to go with his initial location in Iowa Falls. “In my business, I sold 20 houses in ’08, and this year I’ve sold 75 already, so we’re rocking,” Lewer added. As MHProNews has learned, although numbers overall are down compared to pre-2008, Kelly says, “I think it’s been the general climate for all housing, but I think modulars in Iowa are doing better now than they’ve done in a long time.”

(Photo credit: Modular Lifestyles)

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